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5 Key Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home Lift

by Alice

People using wheelchairs or walking aids can navigate their homes with a home lift. The use of vertical lifts in the house allows your loved ones with limited mobility to access the home quickly and safely without having to leave their wheelchair. When choosing the right wheelchair lift for your home may be challenging because there are many brands and designs to choose from. Silence your worries because this article will examine the key things to look out for before purchasing a wheelchair lift.

Purchasing Considerations of a Home Lift.

Due to the many designs and brands out here, it’s challenging enough to choose one. Here is a guide to selecting the best home lift:

1. Safety Features

When buying a vertical lift for yourself or a loved one, safety should be your priority. Always look for a vertical lift with safety features like emergency communication, an alarm for obstacles, and battery backup. I can’t emphasize enough how important these safety features are to the person using the home lift. With emergency communication, the rider can call for help in case the rider is stuck in the lift. It’s essential to have an alarm for obstacles to prevent accidents.

2. Cost

Regarding the cost of vertical platform lifts, the charge may vary for various reasons. The price may differ depending on the design, brand, customization, additional safety features, and the type of lift you choose. Depending on the company you purchase from, there will be additional charges like delivery and installation.

3. Load Capacity

When choosing a home vertical platform lift, select one with optimal load capacity. You must decide to buy one that can be able to carry you plus the wheelchair without breaking any sweat. You do want to go for one that will struggle to take you up and down, which may result in it breaking down very fast.

4. Type of lift

There are two different types of lifts that you can be installed in your home. You can choose either the vertical platform lift or the inclined wheelchair lift. Both serve the same purpose, but how they are installed significantly differs. The ready wheelchair lift is usually a metal track fitted on the stairs’ wall, whereas the vertical platform lift is installed way from the stairs. If you have limited space, the inclined wheelchair lift is the best option since you don’t need separate space for installation.

5. The travel distance

It’s essential to know the distance the wheelchair lift will be covering so that you choose the right type of wheelchair lift. If you have longer staircases or porches, you will need one that is the same length as your next floor or porch and is robust.


It is essential to follow the above tips to purchase the right home lift for yourself or a loved one. Choosing the right home lift will prevent the device from breaking down faster. Always go for home lifts that have a safety feature, are affordable yet meet your desired needs, and the type of lift you want to get the most from the device.

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