Spread the joy of Christmas throughout your online store.
Add snow to the background of your shop in a fun way, but it does not interfere with your product and marketing messages.

What this product brings you

  • Create a Christmas atmosphere without depleting your resources. This module does not use any js that may interfere with upload speed or site navigation.
  • Get complete control over where and when you want the snowfall effect. Use it in the background, use a fixed height so that the effect appears only at the desired location. Your product always needs all the attention of your customers, having the effect of snow in the background without disturbing the sight of your customers.
  • Surprise your customers by adding the mouse effect, let them play a little before continuing their shopping ... it's Christmas.

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Data sheet
Compatible PS 1.4.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.5.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.6.X.XYes
Compatible PS 1.7.X.XYes
ThirtyBees CompatibilityNo

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