Back-Office Features 

  • 5,00 €
    This module allows you to update order status updates automaticallyWhat this product brings you Saves you time Change of status of orders according to the date of shipment.
  • 0,00 €
    Essential to stabilize a SEO / SEO in the ruthless world of the web, it will be an ideal companion and easy to set up.What this product brings you Optimize SEO (SEO) on all search engines
  • 20,00 €
    Block visitors who disturb you, who pass false orders, false baskets, by their Ip addresses.What this product brings you Improve the security of your site Block Ips. No longer be bothered by fake customers. Block Ips that launches attacks. Block Ips directly from the basket detail page. Know how much a blocked ip address has tried to access your shop....
  • 8,00 €
    Essential module to please all your customers while developing your turnover. Do not miss this unique day and offer your customers a reduction among: reduction amount or percentage, ...What this product brings you build customer loyalty Encourage your customers to browse your site Encourage your customers to make a purchase on your site
  • 5,00 €
    Make the login and client account process more modern with this simple and effective pop-up menu. Easier for the customer and more visual look for your site.What this product brings you This module brings a more modern aspect to your website and comfort to the user. Indeed, this one saves time to identify himself (he does not have to load additional...
  • 10,00 €
    This module allows you to import your inventory movements (positive and negative) through an HTML file rather than doing it product by product.What this module brings you: This module has an interest if you regularly have re-stock supplies to realize.Rather than going back to each product sheet to re-increment the stocks of each product, this module...
  • 5,00 €
    Delete with a simple click and safely your orders. This module allows you to delete the selected orders easily, quickly and safely from the "Orders" tabWhat this product brings you Saves you time Clean up the incorrect and test commands from your shop When you are performing tests it is inevitable that you make test orders that will affect later your...
  • 5,00 €
    Tired of receiving spam emails? Our module allows you to integrate Google protection on your registration and contact form. Spam emails are blocked.What this product brings you Improve the security of your site Time saving: blocking spam emails Enhanced security Captcha system from Google, the user does not need to copy the code. The algorithm is based...
  • 15,00 €
    The ticket support module allows you to manage and track support requests before and after the sale. Create multiple departments to effectively manage support requests.What this product brings you Creates a customer service management system creates multiple departments to manage tickets Displays and responds to customer tickets from the back office...
  • 20,00 €
    Massively regenerate the thumbnails of your shop by page type and image format without server overload and timeout problem. Specially designed for large catalogs.What this product brings you Massive regeneration of images No server overload and timeout problem Very easy to configure The module is able to include the watermark on your images (native...
  • 20,00 €
    At a glance, access statistics of your SEO status and metadataWhat this product brings you Analyze the activity of your shop Optimize the management of your catalog
  • 22,00 €
    This General Data Protection Policy Module allows you to display the cookie acceptance bar on the visible part of your shop's customers. The Cookies information message can be easily customized and the administrator can also add the link to the Cookies Use Policy page on the Cookies consent bar. The PrestaLogik RGPD Module allows the shop administrator to...
  • 10,00 €
    No need to connect to your FTP. Now you can manipulate your files and / or folders directly from your back office. Module with a lot of features to make your life easier.What this module brings you Manage your shop. modify your theme, edit and / or delete. Create new files / folders Download files ... View / edit, rename / copy / move / delete / save...

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